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your policy

This policy booklet gives full details of your cover. You should read it along with your motor proposal confirmation, certificate of motor insurance and schedule. Please keep all your documents in a safe place.

Your policy is made up of:

  • the motor proposal confirmation
  • this policy booklet from pages 5 to 29
  • the certificate of motor insurance
  • the schedule

We aim to always be fair and reasonable and to act quickly whenever you need to make a claim under this policy. If you feel we have not met this, we will try to do everything possible to deal with your complaint quickly and fairly.

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This policy is evidence of the contract between you and us, U K Insurance Limited, based on information you have given to us. In return for receiving and accepting the premium, we will provide insurance under this policy for the sections shown in the schedule as applying for the accident, injury, loss or damage which has happened in the territorial limits during the period of insurance.

You and we may choose which law will apply to this policy. Unless both parties agree otherwise English law will apply. If you are resident in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man, the law of the island where you are resident applies to your policy and any dispute in relation to it will be within the jurisdiction of that island’s relevant court.

We have supplied this policy and other information to you in English and we will continue to communicate with you in English. We have not given you a personal recommendation as to whether this policy is suitable for your specific needs and just to let you know our consultants may receive a bonus if you purchase any cover with us.

Policy definitions

Wherever the following words or expressions appear in your policy, they have the meaning given here unless we say differently.

Accessories parts or products specifically designed to be fitted to your car, including your electric car’s charging cables and the charger installed at your home. We may treat some accessories as modifications, so please tell us about any alterations to your car.

Approved repairer – a repairer in our network of contracted repairers, who is approved by us to perform repairs to your car following a claim under section B and C of this policy.

Approved windscreen supplier – a repairer we have approved and authorised to repair or replace your windscreen as shown on your schedule and certificate of motor insurance.

Certificate of motor insurance – this document provides evidence that you have taken out the insurance you must have by law. It identifies who can drive your car and the purposes for which your car can be used.

Convertible – these are motor vehicles in which the roof is removable and/or can retract and are often referred to as cabriolets, roadsters and/or soft/hard tops.

Convictions – these include all motoring convictions, penalty points, fixed penalties, speed camera offences and disqualifications.

Driveable – a vehicle is driveable if it is legal to drive, is roadworthy and you have told us that you feel safe driving it, even if it has yet to be fully inspected following the incident claimed for.

Excess – the amount you must pay towards any claim.

Hazardous goods – goods or substances referred to in the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), i.e. explosive substances and articles, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, self-reactive substances and solid desensitised explosives, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases, oxidising substances, organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, radioactive material and corrosive substances.

Hazardous locations – power stations, nuclear installations or establishments, refineries, bulk storage or production premises in the oil, gas or chemical industries, bulk storage or production premises in the explosive, ammunition or pyrotechnic industries, Ministry of Defence premises and Military bases – other than in any area designated for access or parking by the general public.

Keys – Physical key, device or smart access provided with your car by a manufacturer that allows you to access and/or move your car.

Loss of any limb – severance at or above the wrist or ankle, or the total and irrecoverable loss of use of a hand, arm, foot or leg.

Market value – the cost of replacing your car with another of the same make and model and of a similar age and condition at the time of the accident or loss.

Misfuelling – the accidental filling of the fuel tank with inappropriate fuel for your car.

Modifications – any changes to your car’s standard specification, including optional extras. These include, but are not restricted to, changes to the appearance and/or the performance of your car (including wheels, suspension, bodywork and engine) and include changes made to your car by the previous owner(s).

Motor proposal confirmation – the document recording the statements made and information you gave or which was given for you when you bought your policy.

Partner – your husband, wife or someone you are living with as if you are married to them. Period of Insurance – as shown on the certificate of motor insurance or schedule.

Policy – this policy booklet, schedule, motor proposal confirmation and certificate of motor insurance. Road Traffic Act – any Acts, laws or regulations, which govern the driving or use of any motor vehicle in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Schedule – the document that identifies the policyholder and sets out details of the cover your policy provides.

Terms – all terms, exceptions, conditions and limits which apply to your policy.

Track day – when your car is driven on a racing track, on an airfield or at an off-road event.

Trailer – any form of trailer that has been specially built to be towed by a motor car. We, us, our – U K Insurance Limited.

You, your – the person named as the policyholder in the schedule. If section H is included on the schedule, this definition is extended under that section to include authorised drivers as shown in the certificate of motor insurance and any passengers.

Your car – the car described in the current schedule. In section B ‘Damage to your car’ and section C ‘Fire and theft’, the term ‘car’ also includes its accessories and spare parts, whether they are on or in the car, or in your locked private garage.

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